Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big weekend

On Saturday, I will have my first trip to the library where kids will read stories to me. I don't know what to expect but my girl assures me that I will be great at it. It actually sounds a little relaxing. That's a good thing because later in the afternoon, we will be going to a training for volunteering at the VA hospital. What a lot of steps are involved in that. My girl got a big envelope with the application and volunteer manual in the mail the other day. She has to go and get TB tested 2 times in two weeks plus this training thing that is more for me to see if I can do all that is needed. I think it will involve helping with patients who are in physical therapy. My girl said that one thing involves having a ball rolled for me to go get. How easy! Well, at least for me. I guess if you have been injured, rolling a ball could be difficult.

Sad news for this week too. On the way to work the other morning, someone hit the back of my girl's car. MY CAR!!!!! Now its gone away and she is driving this other car that I don't like as much. It is really hard for me to get in and out of it. My girl promised me that we would have our car back soon though. I hope so. My girl wasn't hurt so don't worry about that. We are both happy that I didn't go to work with her that day either. How stressful that would have been!

That's all for now. Its been a quiet week for me. I'll be back to tell everyone how Saturday goes for me.

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