Friday, August 28, 2009

So mad!

Do you notice what is missing in every single one of these photos? ME!!!!! ME!!!!!!!ME!!!!!!!! I am always trying to catch one of things when they come over my house. It looks like it could be better than a CAR RIDE. My girl gave her dad a gift certificate for a ride on one (instead of me!) and he used it the other day. I was left at home with Stupid Stella and missed out on all the fun. They watched it go up, chased it in the car with the top down all over the place and then watched it come back down. I may never forgive my girl for this.

All that pee they've been having to clean up in the house........maybe it's not really from the steroids. Hmmph.

I entered the Four Musketeers Mr. Dog and Miss Beauty contest. Please vote for me.

OH NO!!! I just noticed that they put me under the Mr. Dog part. I'm not a boy! I'm a sweet pretty girl dog. I was born without any of that stuff hanging down between my back legs! Hope they fix it.

I should just do a new post on this! Anyway, it's fixed. I'm a girl again but the votes have been reset. If you've already voted before the change, please vote again. If you've been waiting, you can vote now. Thanks everyone!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not so magic after all.....

I'm having a little problem with my Magic Steroid Pill. It makes me have to go potty. ALL THE TIME!! Sometimes before I have the chance to tell anyone so I've had quite a few accidents in the house lately. It's really embarrassing. Especially at my age when I know better. I just can't help it. All of a sudden it just hits me and I have to go RIGHT NOW. Last night I was laying on the bathroom floor because I like the cool tile (and the great acoustics it gives my snoring) when I just had to go. My boy and girl were asleep so I didn't have anyone to open the door to let me outside. Later that night my boy had to get up to go to the bathroom and he stepped in the pee. He was not happy with me. Since they were worried I might have another accident on the carpet, I had to sleep in the kitchen all night. Sigh....

I haven't had the pills in a couple of days so we can see if I stop having accidents. Unfortunately my face is starting to get puffy again now. I guess that's better than having my boy and girl getting grumpy because I leave messes for them to clean up.

On a much brighter note, we had a party Saturday. It's one of the reasons why my girl has been really busy lately and unable to take pictures of me. Anyway, I'm not sure why all these people were at our house but I did my best to be the perfect hostess. I made sure that almost everyone got a chance to pet me and give me a bite of their appetizers. I think the party was success but it sure was exhausting.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Invasion

Saturday started off well enough. My girl and I got up with the sun rise to get some yard work done before it got really hot. I had a good time supervising her while she shoveled mulch into the wheelbarrow and spread it around the yard. We had to make several trips and were quite exhausted by the time we finished. I was all set to settle in and relax the rest of the day when these two little things called "The Nephews" descended upon our house.

I wasn't too concerned at first since all the kids I encounter at the library behave well and just like to hang out and pet me. The littlest one did this at first. Then he and Stella decided it would be great fun to play tag. I was prepared to lay in my favorite spot and ignore them but it became really difficult when they kept running and jumping over me. I finally couldn't take it anymore and gave them a little warning snap. Hmmph, that got me locked in the bedroom for the rest of the evening. Fine by me. It was quiet in there. At least until they decided that Stella should join me. She was pretty worn out from all that running so it wasn't too bad.

Good news. I don't really know what these steroid pills are that they have been giving me but they seem to be working. My face was hardly puffy all weekend. I even felt like exploring out in the yard, something I hardly do anymore. And the best part is that everytime I get one, I get a peanut butter flavored treat. I love peanut butter. So, so very tasty.

This is Stella and I after the monsters, uh, I mean nephews left. We are worn out pups. It's a rare thing to be able to get a photo of Stella that isn't blurred.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey everyone! I don't have much time since it's a busy morning at our house but I wanted to let you know that the Oncologist gave me some steroids to try. Hopefully they'll keep the puffiness out of my face. He was willing to start me on some more chemo treatments or even radiation but we decided that just isn't what we want to do. We just wanted something that might help my lymph nodes to drain and to let me breathe a little easier.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To the vet, again....

Do you see my fat face?

My boy talked to someone at the oncologist office yesterday because my puffy face has been so much worse lately. It was going back to normal whenever I would get excited and pant a lot (like during CAR RIDES) but the past week I've stayed a fat head. It's really been affecting my breathing and making me feel run down. So back again to the vet. Hope he can make me feel better. I've been really clumsy too. My boy said maybe it's lack of oxygen to my head. I fell down the stairs yesterday. Fortunately I mostly slid on my bottom so I wasn't hurt and then I tripped getting out of the car too. I guess the car wanted us to keep going on more CAR RIDES!

Cross your paws that they can make me a pretty Border Collie again instead of fat faced Chipmunk.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Saturday at the Park

My girl just got this photo emailed to her from our day at the park when we volunteered for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Summer Festival. I'm glad we got something since my girl took her camera but forgot to take any pictures. I'm a little hidden in it but you can see my white snout. All the petting I got that day was so wonderful. The other dog is a Golden Doodle. I was really happy about that since I get along best with Goldens. I guess I just prefer blondes.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Country roads

I have the best girl ever. Last night my head was really, really swollen and I was feeling uncomfortable. My girl had already gone to bed when I came over to lay on the floor beside her but she reached down to pet me for a little bit. She noticed that I didn't want to put my head down because it was so uncomfortable for me. We've discovered that CAR RIDES really help me because I get so excited and pant so much that it makes my face drain. Not sure why it happens but it does. So she got up and took me for a late night drive in the country last night. It was a beautiful night and we enjoyed a large, bright moon to light up the way. We got home and were all able to fall quickly asleep.

My girl is the best.