Thursday, October 16, 2008

Check up

I went to see Dr. Lucroy this morning. He measured the tumor and said that it might be just a tiny bit bigger and also feels firmer. He said that he isn't worried about it though because I seem to be doing good otherwise. He does want to see me again in another month just be sure that the tumor is still stable. That's what he says anyway. I think its because he will miss me if I stop going in to see him.

I was supposed to go to the nursing home yesterday. My girl kinda forgot though. On the days that we are supposed to go, she takes me to work with her and then we go straight from there to the place. We have gotten off schedule with vacations and then with me having tummy troubles.... Also yesterday morning it was pouring down rain so I stayed home and we just forgot about it. I feel bad but since my girl is the one who is in charge of my schedule, I'll blame her.

I'm at work today. My girl has humiliated me by making me wear one of the t-shirts that they gave out to everyone not long ago. Everyone says I look cute but I don't believe them. How can a blue t-shirt look better than my own soft shiny fur?

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