Monday, October 13, 2008

3 dogs, 2 girls and a 62 impala

What a fun adventure I had Sunday! Me, my girl, her friend Alysha, Stella and Alysha's dog Ellie piled into Alysha's big ol' Impala and went to the pumpkin patch. I love that CAR! It was big and roomy and I could see all around me. Can you see the happy look on my face? That's Ellie that you can see beside me. Stella is hiding on the floor. She still isn't sure about things that move fast.

We drove out in the country to the greatest pumpkin patch. We dogs helped the girls pick out the best pumpkins to take home. And they got yummy, hot cinnamon donuts for us all to share. All us dogs were on our best behavior so we would be sure to get some. After we left the pumpkin place, we headed over to see my girl's mom. She had cheese and pears to share with us. My girl and Alysha had planned a picnic too. We were having so much fun with my girl's mom and Bon-it that we decided to stay and have the picnic in the back yard. After that we all piled back in the CAR and headed home. Stella and I were so worn out by our exciting day that we went straight to bed.

I wish everyday could be so fun.

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