Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back to normal

My vacation wasn't quite what I expected. In fact I was a little stressed. Staying at a house you haven't been to is a bit of an adjustment. I started getting worried that maybe it was a trick. you know how sometimes humans say things to get you to do something you wouldn't do otherwise. Like they say "Let's go for a CAR RIDE" and get you all excited but its not really just a CAR RIDE, its a trip to the vet and you are going to get poked with lots of needles and stuff? So I started thinking that maybe it wasn't a vacation. Maybe this was my new home. But would my girl do that to me? I didn't want to believe it but I never thought my old family would send me to a new home either. All the stress started to get to me and I was having some problems. First a little constipation and then once it started it wouldn't stop. Of course, I had just had chemo before that so I was already a little sensitive in my tummy. I kept getting in trouble over what to eat and what not to eat too. Apparently, just because there is a bowl of food on the floor, doesn't mean you aren't allowed to eat it. There were two bowls, one with good food and one with icky stuff. Every time I tried to eat the good stuff, I would get yelled at and told it was the cat's food. Why, I ask, does a worthless ball of fluff get the good stuff, when I a noble, beautiful, hard working canine am reduced to eating bland chunks of mystery stuff? Hmmph. Cats.....

I'm back at home now. My tummy has settled down and I just stayed around the house and relaxed all last week. Now I'm feeling all better and ready to get back to work and CAR RIDES! The Library Lady emailed my girl and wants us to start working November 1st. I'm a bit nervous about these little kid things. You never know what they are going to do. My girl says not to worry though because these will be good ones that will just lay beside me and read a story. My girl reads stories all the time and she is so quiet and still when she does it so maybe it won't be too bad. We also have the nursing home to visit next week. We didn't make it last week because of my tummy troubles. My girl was afraid I might have another accident. Sheesh, I will never get to live that down, will I? Its not my fault that I'm a little sensitive. Maybe if I wasn't being given drugs all the time, I wouldn't have problems.

Oh, before I go for now, I have one other thing. Stella had a blast on vacation! She finally decided that just because Bon-it is big and has an even bigger bark, she is still lots of fun. While I was stuck living with someone's cat for a week and tied up in the yard, she was running around loose and playing lots of games with Bon-it and this is almost too much....she got to go for lots of CAR RIDES. In the BIG TRUCK too. I'm happy that she had so much fun but I am a little jealous. I think everyone likes her better now. Poor me.

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