Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kane's blog

So the other day we were listening to Elvis Costello. The song Blame it on Cain came on. Stella's eyes got a devilish twinkle in them and she looked like she was thinking that blaming Kane was a very good idea for anything she might do that she shouldn't. While we didn't agree with Stella, Kane liked the song enough that he wanted to use it. He now has his own blog.

Blame it on Kane

While he hasn't gotten much on it yet, please stop by and welcome him into the Dog with Blogs family. He did like the title Raising Kane as suggested in a couple of comments however he said that since he is a big seven year old, there isn't much raising left to be done with him. He also asked that no one laugh too much at his pictures. He is a long, lanky goofy dog and doesn't possess Domi's modeling skills. The camera flash also freaks him out.