Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm so embarrassed and disappointed in myself. I thought it was going to be such a good day. I had a great time at work with my girl. I met lots of new friends. After we left there, we stopped by her old work and I got to see my friends there that I've missed.

It was there that it went downhill. We got to the hospital and walked in. There was a young boxer at the door and well.....sometimes I don't like meeting new dogs. Especially when they immediately try to sniff me. I kinda growled. Not much...just a little to let it know that I was there to WORK not hang out and to let it know that I was protecting my girl. Well, the people in charge didn't like that and told my girl that I........oh gosh I hate to say it..........failed. I feel really bad that I let my girl down after she has made so much effort to find me a new job. I didn't even get to show them how good I really am.

But then the day got better again because I got to go for a CAR RIDE!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Tomorrow is a big day. I am going to work with my girl and after that we are going to the hospital for my interview so that I can start volunteering there. I'm very excited but very nervous. My girl said that she is very confident that I will do well. The thing that I'm nervous about is that my girl said they will testing how I handle pain. I guess I will get pinched. Hard. My girl isn't sure where. She said maybe my side or one of the pads on my feet. My girl pinched me both places and then had my boy do it too. Not really necessary as I know not to bite or snap at them. Wouldn't they have been surprised if I had. If I had fingers, I would have pinched them back to see how they like that. I will try really hard to not react but all you dogs know that sometimes when a stranger does something mean, it's hard not to let them know what you think about it.

If everything goes well, I'll soon be going every Tuesday to visit sick or injured kids who are stuck in the hospital and hopefully help them feel better. Eventually I can also visit the hospice area. I don't know if I want to do that or not. I really like making people feel better but it would be so sad. Something to think about I guess.

Wish me luck tomorrow! I'll be sure to follow up with my adventure.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New camera

My girl got a new camera. She took lots of pictures today as she learned how to use it. Some of them came out quite nice. She hated the old camera she had and had gotten lazy with taking pictures for my blog. Now I should have lots of pictures of ME to share with you. And I guess maybe a few of Stella too. Like these.

This is me happily chewing on a stick....

And then that awful Stella.....

..........stole it!!!

She is such a brat.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summer Reading

Great news! My girl said yesterday that she had received an email from the library lady asking if we would be interested in continuing the Waggin' Tales reading program into the summer. Usually they only do it during the months that school is in and take a break over the summer. I was thinking about this the last time I was there and how sad I would be to not get to visit with the kids and hear their stories. I'm very happy to get to keep going. This is my favorite volunteer job.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Last Saturday was my day to go to the library and read with the kids. I love library day! This is me listening to a really funny story that a little girl read to me about a kid detective who is searching for his missing dog in a department store.

I also really enjoy reading to myself in between kids. Here I am thinking about the story.

Saturday was also my girl's birthday so after we got home from the library her family came over for a party. Stella and I spent a lot of time playing outside with Bon-it. My girl was inside cooking so she wasn't able to get a picture of us running around the big yard together. Stupid Stella almost had to ruin our fun by rolling in some deer poop. Fortunately she was cleaned up quickly. My girl's dad had to run to the store to pick up something she needed so all us dogs got to ride in his big truck. Library, CAR RIDES....what a day!!!!

My girl has finally got an interview scheduled next week to for us to volunteer at the hospital. If she does well with it, I will go in the week after for my part of the interview. I'm not at all worried about passing it. I'm Domi, the Super Therapy Dog!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Don't tell my girl but I waited until she was asleep last night and sneaked back into the bedroom. My boy had made me leave but he didn't get the door latched. Heh heh. My girl woke up at one point during the night but I held my breath until she fell back asleep. When she got up this morning and saw me, she just patted me on the head so I knew I wasn't in trouble. It is very hard not to snore.

I have some scary news. My girl has noticed some changes in the tumor on my neck and told my boy that she thinks I need to go back to see Dr. Lucroy to make sure everything is okay. I'm a little nervous.

On the bright side though, I will steal a phrase from Ruby Isabelle whose blog I really enjoy reading as she is a wise young pup (so much more than Stella).

Life is good when you get to sleep next to your boy and girl.