Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Fire and lots of sticks

What a fun Friday night! My girl and boy made a big fire out in the yard. I don't care so much about that but they stayed outside and sat around it. My boy's family came over too so I sure got lots of pettings. The most exciting part though was all the sticks that were around. I don't know if I have mentioned this but one of my favorite things besides CAR RIDES and cat food, is sticks. I love when my boy and girl throw sticks for me. I love chewing on sticks. Sticks are awesome (do you see in the photo that I have a really yummy one?). The only problem with the fire is that they kept sticking the sticks into the fire. I'm sure you all know that fires are hot. Too hot to go sticking your paws in to get sticks out. But I think I was able to get several chewed on before they could go burning them. Humans are really funny too. They had special sticks that they wouldn't let me have. These sticks were also the yummiest. They kept sticking these fluffy white things on them and then sticking them in the fire. Then they would eat them. The fluffy white things were okay but the residue they left on the sticks was delicious. But after all I do for them, my people wouldn't share them with me. They get weird like that.

The night did get chilly later and the fire ended up feeling good on my fluffy coat. I hope we all hang out together like that again soon. Even Stella was good. She entertained those little kid things that came with my boy's family so that I could concentrate on sticks and being petted. We were one big happy pack. I would have put a picture on here of Stella too so that you could see her having fun but that dog won't ever stay still long enough. All the pictures were just a black blur. Oh well, its my blog about me, not her.

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