Friday, November 28, 2008

Catch up

First off, hello to my new friends! It's really cool to get to know other dogs from all over the world. I'm looking forward to reading your blogs and getting to know you better.

I never finished telling about my big night at the Hamilton County Humane Society Fundraiser. (It's so hard to get the computer away from my people....)The evening was so great. I wish I could have a copy of the presentation to put on here. My girl and I were in another room waiting for the time to make our entrance so we didn't get to see all of it but my boy said there wasn't a dry eye in the place. And in that place, there were lots and lots of people. It was packed!!! The presentation focused on what the HS does here and why they rely so much on support from the community. They are so awesome because euthanasia is a very, very last resort for them. There were 7 of us dogs there and a bunch of cats with our owners representing the successful adoptions the shelter has had. Some of the dogs and cats had started out with very sad lives. One dog had scars down her back from where her previous owner had poured hot motor oil on her. Another one had been thrown from the 4th floor of a construction site. He had a broken pelvis and broken legs. Sparky had an abscessed eye caused by a skull fracture. Angel was a pit bull who was abandoned by her owner because she wouldn't listen to him. Too bad he didn't realize that she is completely deaf. As I've said on here before, I was left at the shelter when I was 10 years old....I wish I knew why. But the presentation ended on a happy note. All of us have been adopted by wonderful owners thanks to a shelter that fixed our hurts inside and out and didn't put us on a time limit to find our right family. After all us had come out on the stage, the audience all stood and up and gave us a huge ovation. What a happy night. I hope the shelter made lots of money so that they can continue helping all the the poor, broken, unloved puppies and kitties out there find happy homes like we have.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving yesterday. Stella and I celebrated ours today with yummy leftovers. I can't wait to see what we will have for our xmas meal.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering why I haven't put any pictures of the'll have to ask my boy why he didn't take any.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Going to bed...

I'm off to bed but I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm home from the Humane Society fundraiser. What a night! It was awesome. I'm a little worn out from it all right now but I'll post about it tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I went to see Dr. Lucroy Monday. He said the tumor is continuing to remain the same. He also took xrays to make sure there wasn't anything else growing or spreading that we would need to be concerned about. The xray technician wasn't there to look over them but Dr. Lucroy said he didn't see anything to worry about and that if the other person did, he would let us know. So far we haven't heard anything more so I guess no news is good news. He also said I was looking well and that unles my boy and girl notice any changes in my breathing or if my snoring gets worse, he wouldn't need to see me again for 2-3 months. My girl said she didn't think my snoring could get any worse. I feel bad about it but I am such a deep sleeper. It happens once you turn 12.

I went to work with my girl today and would you believe someone showed up with a puppy? People are so fickle. All of a sudden everyone stopped paying attention to me to go on and on with some dumb little pup. The silly thing has these long ears the drag the ground and the shortest legs ever. I don't know what was so cute about it. It doesn't even know how to trick the people into getting treats. I know all kinds of things like catching a frisbee or using mind control tricks with my eyes. At least it didn't stay long and then everyone was ready to love me again. hmmph.

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I went to the groomer yesterday and I do look lovely. So soft and fluffy. I bet I'll steal the show. I just need to decide whether or not to wear my cool red therapy dog vest.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The life of a volunteer dog...

I've been a little busy this week. I went to work with my girl on Monday. I was due for my annual check up and some vaccinations so she called Dr. Lee at BRAC to make us appointment. Turned out he had an opening after we got off work. I had on my new Therapy Dog vest which everyone thought was really cool and made me feel so special. It's red which is my color and I think I look pretty doggone good in it. I wasn't sure what I thought of it when I first put it on but I got so much praise after that I decided that if the therapy dog stuff doesn't work out for me, I may have to be a model.

Anyway, everything checked out fine with the vet. My ears are a little dry and irratated but no infection. That's good. I had one before and it wasn't fun. No parasites are living in my tummy either. I'm sure all the chemo I've had probably zapped any that were in there. We are now just waiting for Dr. Lee to mail us back the form TDI requires to license me as a Therapy Dog and I am good for the next year.

We went to the nursing home on Wednesday too. It was a cold, rainy day which seemed to make most of the residents there want to nap. We didn't get to visit with too many people but I did get a few pettings. I met a new man there. He'd had dogs his whole life and I could just tell that he enjoyed scratching a dog behind the ears.

That's it for this week. I'm going to be super busy next the Humane Society Fundraiser next Thursday. I sure wish everyone could come out and see me. I'm going to the groomer the day before so I know I will look lovely. Hopefully my girl will take pictures for me to share. I also will be seeing Dr. Lucroy. Cross your fingers for me. I feel like this dumb ol' lump in my neck has been getting harder. I can live with that, I just don't want it getting bigger.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My weekend

Saturday was a really fun day. Other than Queenie, who is a little dog that barks a lot, I liked the library. It wasn't very busy. Some of the kids parents canceled their appointment because of being sick (too much Halloween candy, I wonder) and it was also Fall Break for the schools. The kids that were there were all really well behaved. Some were too shy to read but they still petted me. I liked a lot of the moms too. They really know how to give a good scratch behind the ears. In between visits, my girl tossed the ball for me so we weren't ever bored. I am looking forward to going back next month.

After the library, we went to a training class. There was a big Golden Retriever there named Charlie. He is like all other Goldies, very happy and friendly. We got along well. The class was to show us the things we will need to know when we start visiting the VA hospital. It seems to involve getting lots of treats and chasing the ball. I think I can live with that. I assume it will also involve CAR RIDES. I'm really enjoying this Therapy Dog work.

On Sunday, we spent a lot of time outside. Can you believe the sun was shining and the temperature was over 70'? In November!!! We had a little cook out too. I put a picture of me and that silly Stella on here. Just so you know, I never have any Stella pictures on here because she never stays still long enough for anyone to take one. This time she was worn out from chasing the ball. As you can see, I have my eye on the ball, ready to go after it some more.

I think this month will be busy. We have the Tinsel and Tales party coming up and the rehearsal before it. Also 2 nursing home trips, Turkey Day (yum!), another visit to Dr. Lucroy and I think I am also due to go see Dr. Lee. Whew!

I also turned 12 last month. My girl was a little late on remembering my birthday but she made up for it by giving me some really delicious treats. I'm not much worried about having a birthday even if I am getting older. Everyone tells me I don't at all look my age.