Monday, November 3, 2008

My weekend

Saturday was a really fun day. Other than Queenie, who is a little dog that barks a lot, I liked the library. It wasn't very busy. Some of the kids parents canceled their appointment because of being sick (too much Halloween candy, I wonder) and it was also Fall Break for the schools. The kids that were there were all really well behaved. Some were too shy to read but they still petted me. I liked a lot of the moms too. They really know how to give a good scratch behind the ears. In between visits, my girl tossed the ball for me so we weren't ever bored. I am looking forward to going back next month.

After the library, we went to a training class. There was a big Golden Retriever there named Charlie. He is like all other Goldies, very happy and friendly. We got along well. The class was to show us the things we will need to know when we start visiting the VA hospital. It seems to involve getting lots of treats and chasing the ball. I think I can live with that. I assume it will also involve CAR RIDES. I'm really enjoying this Therapy Dog work.

On Sunday, we spent a lot of time outside. Can you believe the sun was shining and the temperature was over 70'? In November!!! We had a little cook out too. I put a picture of me and that silly Stella on here. Just so you know, I never have any Stella pictures on here because she never stays still long enough for anyone to take one. This time she was worn out from chasing the ball. As you can see, I have my eye on the ball, ready to go after it some more.

I think this month will be busy. We have the Tinsel and Tales party coming up and the rehearsal before it. Also 2 nursing home trips, Turkey Day (yum!), another visit to Dr. Lucroy and I think I am also due to go see Dr. Lee. Whew!

I also turned 12 last month. My girl was a little late on remembering my birthday but she made up for it by giving me some really delicious treats. I'm not much worried about having a birthday even if I am getting older. Everyone tells me I don't at all look my age.

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