Thursday, October 9, 2008

Me, for a good cause!

I mentioned it before that I will be part of the Humane Society's holiday fundraiser on November 20th. I think all my girl's and my boy's family should come see me too. I promise to be on my best behavior and looking so soft and fluffy and beautiful. And best of all, the money goes to a good cause. The Humane Society does so much to find happy homes for all the poor abandoned puppies and kitties. So come see me on stage and eat some good food!

All the info for the event is in my previous post. If you want to go, let my girl know and she can RSVP for you.


Bon said...

Hey Domi - you need to put a date on your Holiday Petacular!

Therapy dog said...

It's fixed now. Thanks for noticing. Are you coming?