Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy birthday Stella!

Yesterday was Stella's birthday but no one was home to celebrate it so we will pamper her today. She had some yummy turkey bacon and apples for breakfast and is laying in her favorite sunbeam spot enjoying a nice birthday nap. Later we are going over to Bon-it's house to play and eat more good food.

If you saw the way she runs around all the time with her tail wagging at the speed of a hummingbird, you'd never believe that she is now five years old. I think when she is my age, everyone will still think she is still just a young pup. I guess I will be nice to her today and let her play with my favorite toy, the Kong Wubba. And if she destroys it, maybe my girl will get me a new one.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Job?

Good news. My girl told me that she is working on getting me a couple of new jobs volunteering at 2 hospitals. One is at a hospital for children. My girl said not to get too excited just yet because before we would be allowed to go we have to complete a lengthy process interviewing and training. She is still waiting for more information on the other hospital as to what we would need to do to set up visiting it. I'm really hopeful about getting to go to at least one of them. A bored Border Collie is a sad Border Collie. And I'm tired of having to keep Stella company all the time. She stole my favorite toy and I haven't quite forgiven her yet.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Floor cleaning

This is just a little note to any humans that read this blog.

If your dog that normally sleeps all night without disturbing you (other than a little snoring) tries to wake you up, do not ignore that dog. If, in the morning when you do finally get up after ignoring the dog, you discover a big smelly mess on the floor, do not blame the dog.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm still around but I haven't had anything to share lately. I don't get to go to work with my girl anymore because she changed jobs. She also works later hours and doesn't have time to take me for visits to the nursing home in the evenings either. We've gotten lots of snow and everyone is just wanting to stay home. No CAR RIDES, no visits, no playing outside in the garden. Just laying around and being bored.

I can't wait until spring when everyone will want to be outside and to play again.