Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm looking forward to being on vacation. What a busy week. I stayed home from work today to take a break. We had a good visit at the nursing home last night. My tummy has been reacting much better to the chemo this time so no worries about any accidents.

I visited with a very sweet woman yesterday. She seemed very happy for the company. She told us about the Boxers her family had when her son was a little boy (he's 52 now). Their names were Duke and Baron. She was a dear and asked for us to come back and see her next time we are there. I also got to see a couple of my other friends too. We always get there at nap time so some people are still sleeping. We just tiptoe past them and let them get their rest. Being an older girl myself, I know how they deserve it.

I'm heading to my girl's family this afternoon. I'm even getting a break from that silly Stella. She'll be at my girl's parents and I'll be with her brother. I'll miss my girl and my boy but I think I will still have a good time. My girl's brother just got home from someplace called Iraq and hasn't started working yet. He and I will be hanging out all day being buddies. And then when his wife comes home, I'll get tons of love from her. It will be nice to be an only dog. There will be a cat there but I don't pay much attention to those little meow-y fluff balls. Oh, did I mention that my girl said they are great cooks? I can't hardly wait.

Have a good week.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All done!

I had my final chemo treatment today. They said the tumor is stable and shouldn't bother me. I go back in a month for a check up to be sure that I'm all better.

This picture is of me at work with my girl trying to convince her that I need another treat from the goody bag I got as a reward for being a good chemo patient. Its got some really yummy treats. I just hope no one expects me to share with that silly Stella. She is such a pig that she'll probably eat them all in 2 seconds. She stole my treat right out from under my nose the other morning. My girl made sure that I got hers though so I felt much better. Stella's plan to get them all backfired. She swallowed mine so quickly that she had to later ask me what it even was and had to watch me eat hers like the lady dog I am.

I've got a busy week. There were some friends of my boy staying with us over the weekend. Today was chemo day, tomorrow I am going to the nursing home to visit my friends there and then Thursday my girl will take me to to her family's house to stay for a week while she and my boy take a trip somewhere. Whew! I sure will be ready for a rest.

Now if I could just get another one of those yummy treats to keep my strength up......

Monday, September 8, 2008

All better

Good news, the medicine has been working and I haven't had any more accidents. I can go visit without being embarrassed. I got some blood work today and everything is looking nice and normal with it. Now I just need to go to the groomer and get all cleaned up and trimmed. Hopefully my girl will make an appointment for me to go soon. She and my boy are having friends in town for the weekend and I need to look pretty for them.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Feeling better

My girl got some medicine for me and I've been feeling a lot better. I did have one other accident in the house during the night but not since. I was so worried that I would be in trouble for going on the carpet. I was just trying to get as far away from the bedroom as I could so the smell wouldn't wake them up. I have to admit that with this chemo, my poop sure is stinky. I want to get far away from it too.

I have to get better soon because my boy and girl will be going on vacation soon. No one will let me come visit if I'm having accidents. My girl said that she might change my food to something really bland and boring to help keep my tummy calm. I'm sure if I bat my eyes and look pretty, I'll still get some treats.

I think I will be staying with my girl's brother and his wife Michelle. I love Michelle. She is so sweet and gentle, just like me! I like my girl's brother a lot too but I think he prefers Stella over me. They like to play rough together and chase around the house where I prefer just to snuggle and maybe catch a ball. My girl's brother just got home from Iraq where he has been for the past year. Everyone is so happy to have him back home.

I was going to stay with my girl's mom but she said three dogs is just too many for a week. I agree. Stella and Bon-it wear me out. They both just want to play and run around all the time and try to steal my turn for pettings and CAR RIDES. This way I'll be an only dog and maybe Michelle and I will take lots of quiet little walks together. I wonder if she'll let me sleep on the bed too. Maybe at least a sofa.

YAWN....I think its time for a nap. Stella woke us all up too early this morning.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am so embarrassed. Yesterday was my day to visit all the nice people in the nursing home. There were so many people to visit with and they all told me how pretty I am. I was feeling a little antsy though and just not into staying for long. My girl just thought I was being curious and wanting to check everything out. I might have been but I had more serious thoughts on my mind. My tummy was just starting to feel kinda know that feeling when you just really need to find a nice green patch of lawn.....I was trying so hard to hold it in though because a very nice woman wanted me to come in her room to visit.......I don't know if I should even say this.....I'm just so embarrassed........I just had to go sooooo bad......and well.......

I pooped. Right there in the hallway. I just couldn't help it.

I felt so much better after though and was ready to go visit some more. There was one guy who saw it all happen. I didn't think I would want to see him after that but he was so nice about it. He told me it happens, especially in a place like that. The activity director who works with us when we go there, she thought it was really funny. She said that the maintenance guy is really lazy and she enjoyed seeing him upset to have to work.

Yesterday just wasn't my day at all. When I got home Stella was happy to see me until we went outside. We had a little misunderstanding that turned into a big fight. It wasn't exactly a fair fight either since I didn't feel good. Good thing my girl heard us and came to the rescue. Stella had to have a time out for it.

My tummy has still been upset and I've had some more icky poop so my girl said she'd call Dr. Lucroy to see if everything is okay with me. I had an accident in the house over the weekend too (I'm such a bad dog lately) that my girl thought she saw blood in so she is a little worried about me. I guess its just the chemo. Good thing I only have to have one more treatment.

And the worst thing about all this is that my girl is making me stay home and relax instead of going for CAR RIDES!