Monday, August 4, 2008

New job!

What exciting news today! My girl works at a non-profit agency that works with families in crisis situations and also assists Child Protection Services. They help lots of kids that are being abused or have parents involved with drugs and lots of other sad things. I'm not going to talk about any of it specifically because of all sorts of privacy laws....and well, this blog is about me, not her job. But anyway, one of the supervisors there had this big epiphany that hey, I am a therapy dog. What do you do when you are therapy dog? You go to places like nursing homes, hospitals, places that can be stressful and you help people there to unwind and feel a little less stressed. Where my girl works can be very stressful. So, she spoke with the director and they decided to offer me a full time position. They will even keep a personal file on me!

My girl said that I can start tomorrow. She warned me that even though they have said I can go everyday, she may not always take me with her. The other dog in my house, Stella, really hates to be left home alone. I guess it wouldn't be fair to her if I get to do something cool everyday but she doesn't. I'm really excited to have a job. One of the things about Border Collies is that we are workaholics and can get depressed when we don't have something to occupy us. It will be so neat to not be there as a visitor but as worker! My girl makes me stay on my blanket beside her usually when I am there but she's promised that I will get to visit more and maybe even get to see the office next door!

I'm off to bed now. I want to get lots of rest for my big day! I hope I don't snore too much tonight so my girl can get lots of sleep too.

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