Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My boy and his dog

This is a picture of me and Guinness helping with the gardening last summer. My boy has been really sad this week because it was year ago that Guinness left us. My boy really misses him and worries that he made the wrong decision in ending Guinnie's life. Guinness was 13 and was starting to get some icky arthritis that was making him hurt and slow down from his ball chasing. My boy had been concerned about this and working with the vets to try to make Guinnie feel better. After coming home from a weekend trip, my girl and boy returned home to find Guinness in really bad shape. He seemed to be really suffering and in a lot of pain. They rushed him to an emergency vet who did some tests on poor Guinnie and discovered that he had cancer. It was down around his tummy and had spread bad. After consulting with Dr. Webb, My boy had to make a really hard decision. Even though he really worries that he might have given up to soon, none of us think he did. Guinness had a really good last day with my boy and girl. Stella and I went to visit my girl's parents so that Guinness would have all the attention to himself. The weather was perfect for playing in the yard with a ball. Guinness was so obsessed with chasing balls. Sometimes he'd get really nutty and try to stuff a couple in his mouth and then chase another to try to get it stuffed in there too. They also had a picnic outside with yummy grilled cheese sandwiches.

Our friend Alysha who works at the Broad Ripple Clinic arranged for Dr. Lee to come to the house to give Guinnie his last shot. I'm really glad I wasn't there. Everyone was so heartbroken. I hope that I'll always be as loved as Guinnie had been his whole life. I know Guinnie also really loved his boy and trusted him to keep him free from any pain and suffering. I know I can trust my boy and girl to do the same for me and Stella.

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