Monday, August 18, 2008

What a weekend!

What a fun weekend. My boy and girl went away for a few days so Stella and I went to stay at my girl's parents. We always have such a good time there playing with Bon-it (the dog that lives there). And gosh, do we eat good! Because of my sensitive tummy (from the chemo), my girl and boy don't give me much treats. Forget the dry stuff when we are there though! I dislike it so much that I have to scoot the food bowl off the rug and then I try to cover the bowl with the rug to hide it. It seems to fool my girl's mom when I do that because then she gives me good food. I'd try to tell you all I had but like she said, it would be easier to list what we didn't.I didn't even get sick from all of it!

We all went for lots of CAR RIDES too. I prefer to be without the other dogs. They don't seem to get that there is work involved. While I'm trying to control traffic and keep all those cars in line, Stella and Bon-it just like to go from window to window and get in my way. One time we ended up in a big field. Bon-it and Stella just wanted to run around and play but I decided to stay in the car. I was hoping maybe we could just leave them there for a little bit so I could get some work done.

Bon-it is the funniest, happiest go lucky dog. So opposite of Stella who's always nervous about everything and everyone. Bon-it just wants to play and love, play and love. Even though she is huge (70+ pounds), she is still pretty young. She had a really serious accident last summer when she got hit by a car. Would you believe the woman driving didn't stop? Poor Bon-it was trapped underneath the car. The woman went a block dragging her until some people got her to finally stop. The car then had to be jacked up to get Bon-it out from underneath it. She was against the exhaust and had horrible burns that went into the muscle. The vet had to wire her hip back together too. She's all healed now but the fur the will never grow back where the burns were. Its just black scar tissue. She's a pretty blond too. Such a shame. It hasn't affected her personality at all though. She still loves everyone and everything. Especially chasing Stella and playing with Miley, the dog next door and her best friend.

Even though we had a great time, we were so excited to see our girl and boy (and to take a CAR RIDE!). Its good to be home. I get to go to work in the morning too!

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