Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bad Dog

Well, my girl is at work but I'm not. I'm stuck hanging out at home with Stella. There was a big storm last night with lots of thunder. My girl and boy just don't seem to understand the importance of me getting that thunder and putting it where it should be. Its a really hard job because that thunder is so hard to see. It just moves so quickly too. It gets me so worked up that I can't help but bark at it. And I guess I barked quite a bit last night. Stella even got up and tried to help me. My girl was a little bit grumpy with me this morning. I kinda forgot that she was sleeping in the midst of all that. When they finally let me out this morning I got even more worked up because I was finally out there where the thunder actually is. I got soaked running around the yard. My girl was just little upset with me. I made her late for work and she said she was not taking a soaking wet dog in the car and since I was a bad girl I didn't deserve to go anyway.

Its been a long day here at home too because in my excitement, I kinda forgot to go potty. It's supposed to storm again tonight. I'll have to try hard to just ignore all that noisy thunder and go to sleep. I don't want to get fired for missing too many days at work when I haven't even got to start yet.

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