Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Humane Society

Yesterday my girl emailed the Humane Society she had adopted me from to tell them about the new life I have since being adopted by her and my boy. She said they see so many sad things everyday (kinda like she does at her job) that maybe they'd like to hear a good story. This is the response she just received:

Thank you so much for updating us on Dominique’s new life. It is people like you who really make a difference in these animals’ lives. We love to hear these kinds of stories, it makes our job a little easier knowing there are people in the world who really do care. Thank you for giving Domi a loving home and a second chance at life.

I really am lucky that I was adopted by such wonderful people. While I don't fault people who do want a purebreed (after all, I am and quite proud of it), I do want to encourage people to check their local shelters first and also breed rescues. Its a good way to get a really good dog for much less and to save a life at the same time. And if you do go to a breeder, make sure its a reputable one who really cares, not a puppy mill that's all about making money.

Oh wow, my girl just received another response from a different person at the Humane Society as I was writing this. And they remember me! Here it is:

Thanks so much for your update on Domi - I remember her well (not to mention the fact that we somehow had her down as a male). It is very heartwarming to hear back about how our dogs have done - and we do consider them ours, as most of the staff spends more time with them than we do our own dogs. She is truly a miracle and was placed with you for a purpose. Thanks again for the update!

That's a great response! It makes me feel good even if they did think I was a boy. I don't know why since I'm so pretty. My boy and girl get a chuckle out of it as they say I am a bit prissy. Hmmph, they should try keeping white paws clean.

I'm at work today and I should go see if anyone needs to pet me.

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