Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am so embarrassed. Yesterday was my day to visit all the nice people in the nursing home. There were so many people to visit with and they all told me how pretty I am. I was feeling a little antsy though and just not into staying for long. My girl just thought I was being curious and wanting to check everything out. I might have been but I had more serious thoughts on my mind. My tummy was just starting to feel kinda know that feeling when you just really need to find a nice green patch of lawn.....I was trying so hard to hold it in though because a very nice woman wanted me to come in her room to visit.......I don't know if I should even say this.....I'm just so embarrassed........I just had to go sooooo bad......and well.......

I pooped. Right there in the hallway. I just couldn't help it.

I felt so much better after though and was ready to go visit some more. There was one guy who saw it all happen. I didn't think I would want to see him after that but he was so nice about it. He told me it happens, especially in a place like that. The activity director who works with us when we go there, she thought it was really funny. She said that the maintenance guy is really lazy and she enjoyed seeing him upset to have to work.

Yesterday just wasn't my day at all. When I got home Stella was happy to see me until we went outside. We had a little misunderstanding that turned into a big fight. It wasn't exactly a fair fight either since I didn't feel good. Good thing my girl heard us and came to the rescue. Stella had to have a time out for it.

My tummy has still been upset and I've had some more icky poop so my girl said she'd call Dr. Lucroy to see if everything is okay with me. I had an accident in the house over the weekend too (I'm such a bad dog lately) that my girl thought she saw blood in so she is a little worried about me. I guess its just the chemo. Good thing I only have to have one more treatment.

And the worst thing about all this is that my girl is making me stay home and relax instead of going for CAR RIDES!

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