Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All done!

I had my final chemo treatment today. They said the tumor is stable and shouldn't bother me. I go back in a month for a check up to be sure that I'm all better.

This picture is of me at work with my girl trying to convince her that I need another treat from the goody bag I got as a reward for being a good chemo patient. Its got some really yummy treats. I just hope no one expects me to share with that silly Stella. She is such a pig that she'll probably eat them all in 2 seconds. She stole my treat right out from under my nose the other morning. My girl made sure that I got hers though so I felt much better. Stella's plan to get them all backfired. She swallowed mine so quickly that she had to later ask me what it even was and had to watch me eat hers like the lady dog I am.

I've got a busy week. There were some friends of my boy staying with us over the weekend. Today was chemo day, tomorrow I am going to the nursing home to visit my friends there and then Thursday my girl will take me to to her family's house to stay for a week while she and my boy take a trip somewhere. Whew! I sure will be ready for a rest.

Now if I could just get another one of those yummy treats to keep my strength up......

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