Friday, November 14, 2008

The life of a volunteer dog...

I've been a little busy this week. I went to work with my girl on Monday. I was due for my annual check up and some vaccinations so she called Dr. Lee at BRAC to make us appointment. Turned out he had an opening after we got off work. I had on my new Therapy Dog vest which everyone thought was really cool and made me feel so special. It's red which is my color and I think I look pretty doggone good in it. I wasn't sure what I thought of it when I first put it on but I got so much praise after that I decided that if the therapy dog stuff doesn't work out for me, I may have to be a model.

Anyway, everything checked out fine with the vet. My ears are a little dry and irratated but no infection. That's good. I had one before and it wasn't fun. No parasites are living in my tummy either. I'm sure all the chemo I've had probably zapped any that were in there. We are now just waiting for Dr. Lee to mail us back the form TDI requires to license me as a Therapy Dog and I am good for the next year.

We went to the nursing home on Wednesday too. It was a cold, rainy day which seemed to make most of the residents there want to nap. We didn't get to visit with too many people but I did get a few pettings. I met a new man there. He'd had dogs his whole life and I could just tell that he enjoyed scratching a dog behind the ears.

That's it for this week. I'm going to be super busy next the Humane Society Fundraiser next Thursday. I sure wish everyone could come out and see me. I'm going to the groomer the day before so I know I will look lovely. Hopefully my girl will take pictures for me to share. I also will be seeing Dr. Lucroy. Cross your fingers for me. I feel like this dumb ol' lump in my neck has been getting harder. I can live with that, I just don't want it getting bigger.

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