Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I went to see Dr. Lucroy Monday. He said the tumor is continuing to remain the same. He also took xrays to make sure there wasn't anything else growing or spreading that we would need to be concerned about. The xray technician wasn't there to look over them but Dr. Lucroy said he didn't see anything to worry about and that if the other person did, he would let us know. So far we haven't heard anything more so I guess no news is good news. He also said I was looking well and that unles my boy and girl notice any changes in my breathing or if my snoring gets worse, he wouldn't need to see me again for 2-3 months. My girl said she didn't think my snoring could get any worse. I feel bad about it but I am such a deep sleeper. It happens once you turn 12.

I went to work with my girl today and would you believe someone showed up with a puppy? People are so fickle. All of a sudden everyone stopped paying attention to me to go on and on with some dumb little pup. The silly thing has these long ears the drag the ground and the shortest legs ever. I don't know what was so cute about it. It doesn't even know how to trick the people into getting treats. I know all kinds of things like catching a frisbee or using mind control tricks with my eyes. At least it didn't stay long and then everyone was ready to love me again. hmmph.

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I went to the groomer yesterday and I do look lovely. So soft and fluffy. I bet I'll steal the show. I just need to decide whether or not to wear my cool red therapy dog vest.

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