Monday, March 23, 2009

My weekend

Here I am, one very happy dog on a CAR RIDE!!! I almost got to go on a very long trip when my boy and girl decided to drive down to the ocean this weekend. They were worried they wouldn't be able to find a hotel that allowed dogs so I got left at my boy's parent's house. That was okay though. They bought me tennis balls and we played together and had a lot of fun. Stella, who you cannot see in this picture because she is curled up in a little ball as she is afraid of CAR RIDES (silly girl) had a lot of fun playing with our cousins Crazy Daisy and Molly. The people were told not to give me any of their food but I still got lots of treats and I got to take naps on the sofa all I wanted (my girl and boy don't allow us on the furniture). My boy's parents were so impressed at how well all four of us dogs got along and behaved that they said we can come back anytime we wanted. I had only been there once before and wasn't taken back because I wasn't nice to Molly the first time. It was right after I first came to live with my boy and girl though and was really nervous. I'm much more laid back now.

We are all back home again now. Hopefully there will be another fun CAR RIDE again for me in the near future.

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