Thursday, June 11, 2009

Library Saturday

Last Saturday was my volunteer day at the library. It was a little slow since it was a beautiful day outside but I also think it was my most worthwhile visit. There was a little girl who came in that was so very shy. Too shy to speak at all. When my girl spoke to the little girl, she looked terrified and about to cry. I worked my magic on her though. On her first book she brought (Dr. Seuss' One Fish, Two Fish), we just looked at the pictures together and my girl would comment on it. We got some smiles and giggles looking at that silly book. After we finished that one, the girl had another Dr. Seuss book for us to read. This time she felt comfortable enough to actually read it out loud to me. She opened up and was really having fun. This is what the reading program is all about. Giving kids confidence. I hope she comes back next month. I think it would be good for her.

The above photos are from our slow time between readers. My girl tossed my favorite indoor frisbee for me. It was almost too much fun. By the time our last reader came in, I was ready for a nap.


Anonymous said...

Domi, I think what you and your girl do is wonderful.

Hoover said...

Domi, You go INSIDE the library? That is way cool. We loves books.

Hoover BPD (Battery Powered Dog)

Amber-Mae said...

OMD! Look at your eyes! You must love your freezbee alot. I can't believe you're allowed in the Library. I am so jelly.

Solid Gold "Actress"