Sunday, December 7, 2008

Robots and NFL heroes

I had a good visit at the library yesterday. We had a heavy snowfall in the morning so my girl and I didn't expect too many kids to come in but we were actually busier than last month. I've gotten a lot more used to kids than I was when my girl first brought me home. They used to make me nervous but spending time with them (and getting lots of treats) has made me realize that they aren't so bad. Most of them are actually more gentle when they pet me than some of the older folks in the nursing home who don't have as much control of their arms and hands anymore. Our first visitor was a little boy who read to me a book about robots. I was really impressed by the big words he was able to read. Our next visitor was a little boy who read to me about some football champions. This I knew a little about because my boy loves football, much the same way as I love CAR RIDES. In 2 years, I've seen a few games on the television.

Our third visitor of the morning was an 11 year old girl. She has been really resistant to reading and was nervous reading out loud to me and my girl. My girl came up with a great idea in that she went and sat in the other side of the room (its really big). It almost worked but then someone came in and started talking to her mom. I think she started to feel a little too much pressure and was done. Hopefully she'll come back and read to me next month. Isn't it sad when you want to be able to do something well but are too shy and worried about looking dumb to be able to try. I bet Stella feels that way sometimes. She can be awfully stupid.

A big thank you to the wonderful librarians who made me a cute card and gave me a big of treats (my girl says I have to be nice and share them with stupid Stella). Queenie, the other volunteer dog also got some. I don't know if she deserved them since she always barks at me. My girl says to be nice because Queenie was volunteering at the library first and maybe she feels threatened and thinks I am trying to steal the kids away. Maybe she's right but it isn't very nice to bark in another dogs face when they are trying to be nice and sniff noses. Maybe she's just jealous of how much prettier I am.

Hopefully my girl will take me to work this week instead of leaving me home. I won't be going to the nursing home this month since my girl is busy with the holidays and stuff. If she doesn't take me to work, it will be a long, boring month for me just hanging out with Stella. And in case you don't believe me how silly she is, take a look at this picture. Stella gets confused and thinks that a cardboard tube from an empty roll of paper towels is a baby. She carries it around and growls at me if I get near her. Like I would want to steal it and look dumb like her.

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