Thursday, April 2, 2009


Don't tell my girl but I waited until she was asleep last night and sneaked back into the bedroom. My boy had made me leave but he didn't get the door latched. Heh heh. My girl woke up at one point during the night but I held my breath until she fell back asleep. When she got up this morning and saw me, she just patted me on the head so I knew I wasn't in trouble. It is very hard not to snore.

I have some scary news. My girl has noticed some changes in the tumor on my neck and told my boy that she thinks I need to go back to see Dr. Lucroy to make sure everything is okay. I'm a little nervous.

On the bright side though, I will steal a phrase from Ruby Isabelle whose blog I really enjoy reading as she is a wise young pup (so much more than Stella).

Life is good when you get to sleep next to your boy and girl.

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Anna the GSD said...

My big brother snores. The other night I snored. Mom thought it was dad, dad thought it was mom. It was me. I blamed the kitty. I got to stay on the bed.